Made In The USA

While many companies utilize off-shore resources to minimize their costs and maximize their profits, at intentio we believe it is important to create and keep jobs here in the USA. We strive to be good citizens of the global economy, while recognizing that in order to contribute to the global economy, we must forge a strong economic foundation at home. We believe that our clients with interests around the globe respect this thesis.

We understand that without you, our clients, these jobs would not be possible. We work for you, so you'll always be able to rely on effective communications with us, as well as uncompromised service, quality, and value. Never resting on our laurels, each assignment provides a new opportunity to prove ourselves. We trust this philosophy will ensure that once you are our client, you will remain our client.

We are pleased to play a part in the protection of innovative design work created here and globally; our hope is that it will contribute to the creation of new manufacturing industries and jobs right here in the USA.

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